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Cardamom Yarn

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Officially she is Cardamom II. Though I was striving to choose what ewes to purchase based on their fleece qualities, I'll admit I was swayed by knowing that 138's mother's name is Cardamom, my favorite spice. And while her half-sister Cosmos quickly embraced being a people sheep fully, it took longer for Cardamom to decide she might like humans too.

I gave her plenty of space to let her get to know me and the others in the flock on her own terms. Cardamom's spunky nature is coupled with a sweet side, often seeking out a good back scratch from me.

100% undyed wool yarn from Cardamom, expertly spun by Sallie of Sallie's Fen Fibers.

Yarn Specs:
Worsted Weight
3-Ply Semi-Worsted Spun
200 yds / ~4 oz

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