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Grassfed Lamb Meat Deposit

$88.58 - $181.84

The meat we eat matters. Tuuli lambs are raised alongside their mothers for their whole lives, learning to graze in these hills. I move them to new forage every few days in the paddocks I set with portable electronet. They’ll have hay this fall if the drought remains, otherwise they’ll be on pasture til their “one bad day” as the saying goes. These lambs will be processed on November 3rd and ready for pick up the following week in Minden, IA.

To reserve half a lamb, the deposit is $85 plus PayPal fees if you reserve online. For a whole lamb, the deposit is $175 plus PayPal fees. If you don't want to pay the PayPal service fees, email me at [email protected] and you can mail me a check.

Similar to a CSA for vegetables, receiving these deposits now means I have operating cash available for this growing season. To that end I'm running an Early Bird Special: Pay your deposit by June 30, 2023 and lock in $8.50 as the price per pound, calculated by your lamb's hanging weight come November. For deposits received after 6/30, the price of your lamb will be $9.25 per pound. There is also a butcher fee that you will pay directly to Minden Meat Market when you pick up your lamb ($100 for a whole, $50 for half).

Want more information about how ordering by the half and whole animal works? Curious for recipe ideas? Interested to hear more about how Tuuli lambs are raised? Email me at [email protected].