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Citroën & Family Yarn


Citroën doesn’t grow a lot of wool, but what she does grow is a gorgeous crimpy brown that spins into wonderfully squishy, plush yarn. I appreciate Citroën’s mellow temperament in the flock. She is half Finnsheep with the balance in Cormo and Merino.

Edsel and Echo are twins, born to Citroën in 2021. Their dad Ben’s Romney influence comes through in the length of their wool – they grow lovely long locks of crimpy wool, like an extended version of Citroën’s.

Citroën had Fiat in 2022, who followed in his sibling’s hoofsteps with lovely crimp and the added fiber length from Ben’s influence.

Edsel’s yarn is a touch darker brown than Citroën’s, which has a subtle gray aspect this year. Echo’s yarn is one shade lighter. Fiat’s wool is almost blue-gray.

Yarn Specs:
100% wool yarn
Worsted Weight
150 yds

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